Livescan Fingerprinting

Hiring departments, managers, and employees will work with UCPD on this process.

 View the HR Appointment Document at UCOP.

Why is this policy in place?

Who must have a background check?

Positions deemed "critical" by Human Resources (HR) require background checks. Employees who have been employed in critical (formerly "sensitive") positions since before 2004 and have not had a break in their service or a change in their position are not affected. Transfers, promotions, reclassifications, reassignments, and new hires are subject to the policy.

Who conducts the background check?

UCPD Records Unit 
1 Sproul Hall

Phone:  (510) 642-6760
Fax: (510) 643-4655

What is the procedure to arrange a background check?

Before someone can be hired for a position deemed critical, Hiring Departments must, for each applicant: